Deskripsi GPRINTER GP – 1224T bar code printer
Brand: GPRINTER jibo
Model: GP – 1224 t
Main features of the product:
Noil 203dpi high quality printing
6inch/s high speed printing
Noil 120 mm out of paper design, optional wider label size
Noil print head 3 pressure adjustable
Noil sensor merger
The design of the new four-port main board meets different interface requirements
The new type of heat transfer is added, which is more flexible and lasts longer
It is equipped with the design of independent core structure, compact and practical, thermal transfer and thermal sensitivity
The machine core adopts the big gear and the new transmission structure, the paper is smoother

Print specifications
Way of print
Heat transfer/heat sensitive type
The printing speed
2 ~ 6 inch/s
Print interface
3 interface (serial port + USB + interface)
Print head resolution
203 dots per inch (eight dots/mm)
Print mode
Carbon ribbon/heat sensitive
Printing point size
X0.125 0.125 mm (1 mm = 8 dots)
Maximum print width
104 mm (4.09 “)
Maximum print length
2286 mm (90)”
The general specification
Printer size
285 x210x180 (WxDxH)
Printer weight
2.09 KG
The operating environment
5 ~ 45 ℃ (41 to 104 ° F), 25 ~ 85% no condensation
Storage environment
– 10 ~ 50 ℃ (10 ~ 140 ° F), 10 ~ 90% no condensation
Pulse excitation
1 x108pulses
Thermal film (wear resistance)
50 km
The power supply
Input: AC 110V / 240V, Output: DC24V / 2.5a, 60W
Carbon with specifications
Carbon with outer diameter
Maximum 67 mm
Carbon belt length
300 m
Carbon belt axial si
1 inch (25.4 mm
Carbon belt width
Max. 110 mm, Min. 30 m
Carbon tape winding form
The volume type
Paper specifications
Built-in volume maximum outer diameter
OD 127 mm (5 “)
The paper type
Continuous paper, gap paper, folding paper, black label paper
Paper winding form
Print the external volume
Paper width (label + bottom paper)
Maximum 120mm (4.72 “) minimum 20mm (0.78 “)
Paper thickness (label + bottom paper)
Maximum 0.254 mm (10mil) minimum 0.06 mm (2.36 mil)


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